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Hello amigo/a

Chicada is looking for guys like you - We are playing at the DARK MOFO Ogoh procession that goes from the Parliament Lawns at Salamanca and ends in the Dark Park on Sunday 18th June.

Are you interested?
We are going to make it really simple and play 2 or 3 of our samba songs. We would like to have as big a sound as possible, and have as many extra players as we can. This is where you come in!

We'll provide a drum for you, and sticks if needed, and lead the Brazilian rhythm. You'll need to be available for a rehearsal beforehand, and be prepared to watch and follow our band members to keep your part.

Please let us know if you like to join Chicada, Tassie's only samba band, for this great chance to play at a great event.


Event Overview

The Ogoh procession is the largest event in the programme for Dark Mofo, and forms a kind of closing ceremony for the festival, inspired by the Balinese ritual of Nyepi, a cleansing of the land. The Ogoh (a large demon-like sculpture) is filled throughout the festival by members of the public, writing down their fears and placing them inside the beast. On Sunday 18th June, the sculptures are paraded through the streets and the procession culminates with the sacrificial burning of the Ogoh; sending the fears of Hobart into sky and leaving us cleansed and pure for the Winter Solstice. Last year the event attracted around 10,000 people and we expect similar figures this year.

The Performance

The procession will start at the Winter Feast and move along the Hobart waterfront streets (approx. 1km). There will be drummers, a car horn drone instrument and community groups making noise, banging cymbals - it will be beautiful, cacophonous chaos! Upon arrival at the site for The Burning, the Ogohs will be placed on platforms, the drum groups will rise to a crescendo and then suddenly silence, leaving only the drone remaining. Slowly, the drone will fade to a single tone - which will be picked up by singers scattered throughout the crowd. We hope the crowd will pick this note up as well. As this note fades, we will light the Ogoh to complete the ritual and the public will watch it burn in silence.