About Chicada

Chicada @ FallsChicada initiated on October of 2008 is the conception of Franco Solis, through self-taught study, determination and a passion for Brasilian rhythms and techniques. Together with the assistance of his son, Elias, who in 2009 travelled to Salvador do Bahia and Rio de Janeiro to study under professional Samba school maestros to bring back a plethora of Brasilian music including Afro-Brasilian ensembles like candomblé, capoeira and atabaque as well as the sizzling samba rhythms from Bahia carnivals such as Samba Reggae, Duro, Cuadrado, Baión and Timbalada just to name a few.

Chicada is composed of 24 local percussionists, made up from a mixture of Tasmanians from all over the world. Rehearsing once a fortnight year-round, the band exhibits professionalism in their performances and guarantees to bring an authentic Brasilian zeal and copious amounts of style to your next event.

This 24-piece band, with its authentic samba instrumentation, has been filling venues and dance floors across the state since they burst on the scene in December of 2008 performing at the Falls Festival.  As Tasmania’s only Samba band, Chicada feature the classic Samba school array of surdos, repiniques, timbals, caixas, agogos, chocalhos, tamborims, the cuica and berimbaus. Their repertoire incorporates an immense variety of samba music from the schools of Salvador do Bahia to the carnivals of Rio de Janeiro.

Chicada have had great success performing at an assortment of festivals and venues around the state of Tasmania, including Falls Festival; Cygnet Folk Festival; Wooden Boat Festival; Mid-Winter Festival; Bream Creek and Hobart Show; the Taste of Huon; Spring Tulip Festival as well as the Christmas pageant.